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Return on Invest: 161% per year

Annual token profit projection based on investment.

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The above model shows the expected returns using an annual projected token profit based on a 25% reinvestment strategy and at current mining difficulty & market conditions. It includes 9% overhead costs for management, R&D and other company costs and takes into account the 17% of tokens that are not distributed (see White Paper for distribution). Actual results can be higher or lower. The model is a sample calculation. The model should not be considered as information for an investment in tokens or as an offer of or a solicitation to buy tokens. Token profits will be distributed on a weekly basis.

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ICO PeriodDec. 15th - Jan. 14th
Token SymbolEVN
Token Nameenvion Token
Token StandardERC-20
Token Issue Volume150,000,000
Retention RatioReceive 75% of earnings immediately,
Reinvest 25% to boost future payouts
Tokens GeneratedTokens not distributed shall not be generated
Exchange Rate1 EVN = 0.70/0.80/0.90/1US$
Token PurchaseETH, BTC, Credit Card
Use of Proceeds91% Investment in MMUs,
9% in Research & Development and Administration
Voting & Veto rightsIn important decisions

Token Allocation
& Use Of Fund

Distribution83%Token Holders
10%Founding Team
5%Envion AG as Reserve
2%Bounty Program
Use of proceeds91%Investment in Mobile Mining Units (MMUs)
9%Research & Development and Administration

Mining-Profit Pay-Outs and Reinvestment Strategy

25% of mining revenues will be reinvested in new mobile mining units, ensuring the solid growth of our container-fleet and token dividend pay-outs.

An intelligent reinvestment strategy allows us to grow the container fleet - as well as the dividend pay-outs - almost exponentially. This creates a maximum token value. No more tokens will be sold by Envion after the ICO.

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EVN tokens are limited and in high demand, due to our outstanding approach in crypto infrastructure.

The new gold standard for crypto infrastructure.

  • Fully Scalable
  • Extremely Mobile
  • Decentralized Structure
  • Smart Control Network

Smart mining operations for smart investors.
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