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Thank you Envion investors!

Thanks to all our 30,000+ supporters for making the envion ICO one of the most successful of all time. We look forward to building a successful company and a blockbuster product in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates on how we are turning your investment into MMUs that deliver profits from the most profitable crypto mining infrastructure in the world.

100,012,279 USD * raised!
Trading on HitBTC, Token.Store and IDEX

Envion takes no responsibility for the activities of token exchanges, traders, or any other 3rd parties involved in the trading of EVN tokens. The terms, pricing, and dates of listing are the exclusive responsibility of token exchanges and their participants.

Step 1
If you have no Crypto, purchase some now You need Bitcoins to buy EVN tokens on HitBTC. If you do not have any, please buy some on Coinbase.com for example, or Indacoin.com and send them to your wallet.
Step 2
Create an account on HitBTC Now that you own some Bitcoin, open an account on HitBTC: REGISTER
Step 3
Send BTC to your HitBTC wallet Now send your BTC to your HitBTC wallet and buy EVN tokens.
Note: after purchase, remember to withdrawal your EVN tokens to your ERC20 wallet in order to receive dividends!


The above model shows the expected returns using an annual projected token profit based on a 25% reinvestment strategy and at October 2017 mining difficulty & market conditions. It includes 9% overhead costs for management, R&D and other company costs and takes into account the 17% of tokens that are not distributed (see White Paper for distribution). Actual results can be higher or lower. The model is a sample calculation. The model should not be considered as information for an investment in tokens or as an offer of or a solicitation to buy tokens. Token profits will be distributed on a weekly basis.
* Total value of fiat investment plus BTC/ETH at current exchange rate of Jan 14 4PM GMT; differs from received nominal amount.


Number of already deployed mining units
2 MMUs
January 2018
606 MMUs
July 2018


January 2018
44,279.43 USD
July 2018
13,416,666.67 USD

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ICO PeriodDec. 15th - Jan. 14th
Token SymbolEVN
Token Nameenvion Token
Token StandardERC-20
Token Issue Volume150,000,000
Retention RatioReceive 75% of earnings immediately,
Reinvest 25% to boost future payouts
Tokens GeneratedTokens not distributed shall not be generated
Exchange Rate1 EVN = 0.70/0.80/0.90/1US$
Token PurchaseETH, BTC, Credit Card
Use of Proceeds91% Investment in MMUs,
9% in Research & Development and Administration
Voting & Veto rightsIn important decisions

Token Allocation
& Use Of Fund

Distribution83%Token Holders
10%Founding Team
5%Envion AG as Reserve
2%Bounty Program
Use of proceeds91%Investment in Mobile Mining Units (MMUs)
9%Research & Development and Administration

Mining-Profit Pay-Outs and Reinvestment Strategy

25% of mining revenues will be reinvested in new mobile mining units, ensuring the solid growth of our container-fleet and token dividend pay-outs.

An intelligent reinvestment strategy allows us to grow the container fleet - as well as the dividend pay-outs - almost exponentially. This creates a maximum token value. No more tokens will be sold by Envion after the ICO.

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