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An Innovative Solution for a Disruptive Market

Problems in the Renewable Energy Industry

The collapse in the price of solar-power panels has triggered an exponential expansion of new photovoltaic plants worldwide – leading to unprecedented local overcapacities on sunny days.

Local “feed-in” rewards into our mobile mining units are of a much higher magnitude than for regular feed-in tariffs from the nets.

Because photovoltaic prices have plummeted, it has become more and more attractive for solar plants to expand and invest in additional revenue streams that ensure a more stable output during periods of low solar irradiance. This however results in massive and unprecedented local overcapacities: the perfect use-case for our endeavor.

Making the most out of unused renewable and other energy sources

We are accessing this low-priced electricity at its source: Even the smallest overcapacity at a decentralized transformer station (>50 KW) can be efficiently used by our units.

By nature, electricity overcapacities have been inaccessible and useless to date. Our unique concept of mobile ‘energy sinks’ heralds a groundbreaking paradigm shift, not only for power plant owners, but also for smart investors who will be rewarded with an unprecedented ROI.

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Mobile Mining Unit

Check out our first operating Mobile Mining Unit in Action.

Monetizing Overcapacities

Accessing unused overcapacities of renewables allows us to reach the world’s lowest electricity-price mix.

Investment with unprecedented Returns

Thanks to our fixed re-investment strategy, investors profit from exponentially growing revenues.

Creating a WIN-WIN-WIN

1. Decentralizing Blockchain. 2. Realizing the potential of feed-in revenues for power plants worldwide. 3. Direct participation of investors and token holders in this success.

Beating traditional mining operations

Exclusivity of patent rights: Unprecedented mobility, versatility and scalability secure the most crucial competitive advantage in mining operations: Accessing energy at the lowest price worldwide.

How it works

The physical prerequisite for most blockchain applications is the globally distributed network of "miners" who provide the hardware for the energy-intensive calculations of algorithms securing blockchain transactions. Mining depends on easy and scalable access to low-cost electricity - a bottleneck in a market that will grow from $2 to $20bn USD over the next five years.

Time for ENVION‘s Disruptive Technology:

A highly flexible, globally operative fleet of technologically advanced Mobile Mining Units operating at the most cost efficient electricity sources on the planet, managed and monitored by our proprietary software solution. The technology provides not only a competitive advantage for ENVION but also strengthens the decentralized, flexible and robust infrastructure that the blockchain industry needs.

Global Smart Control Network

We have developed a global smart control network that performs real-time optimizations and monitoring for local mining units

Real-Time Monitoring

Environment data, mining and application performance for various cryptocurrencies & other use-cases.

Real-Time Connection

Conncted to electricity exchange, real-time pricing information and cryptocurrency exchange.

Continuous Prediction

Selection of best cryptocurrencies & use-cases per MMU. Optimization of hardware lifecycles.

Real-Time Optimization

Optimizes weight given to primary/secondary cryptocurrency (dual-mining).

Competitive Advantages & Vision

Solar Industry

Extensive expansion of solar parks has resulted in massive overcapacities worldwide, making solar energy cheaper than ever, but ONLY AT THE SOURCE. Our mobile mining units are readily deployable right to the parks to “convert” these overcapacities into real value.

Home Owners

“Free energy fantasies” are getting real: Our mobile mining units convert electric into thermal energy, thus providing virtually free energy to home owners and creating additional revenue to boot, anywhere in the world.

Power Grid

Cheap electricity often means insufficient grid performance. Our decentralized deployment strategy makes small- to mid-sized, and otherwise ‘useless’, spare capacities accessible for high-performance mining.

Conventional Power

Small and medium spare capacities at industrial transformer stations are useless for traditional mining ops, but readily accessible only by ENVION's smart, remote-controlled army of mobile mining units.

Smart mining operations for smart investors.
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