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Frequently Asked

General Questions

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What is the minimum investment

No minimum investment has been fixed yet.


Envion 不会排除任何国家的任何人参加ICO。瑞士公民和美国居民、公民及绿卡持有人需要会计师出具信函确认其为符合资格的合格投资者。




Is there a bounty or affiliate program?

Details on the bounty program are available here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2349366

There will be no affiliate or referral program for the first round of the ICO. Join our Telegram channel #Envion_announcements to receive information when it becomes available: https://t.me/ENVION_Ann




Which exchanges will offer your coin?

Tokens will be purchased directly from envion during the ICO. There is a hard cap of 150 million tokens. Any unsold tokens will not be generated.

The EVN security token is fully compliant with US and Swiss financial authority regulations. EVN tokens may be traded on secondary exchanges after the ICO in addition to public regulated exchanges.

Here’s an idea of what that might look like: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-09-27/overstock-unit-starting-an-exchange-for-digital-coin-trading

What will the price be on exchanges after the ICO?

Secondary markets are not controlled by envion. We expect the trading price to rise steadily, but dividend payments for token holders are tied to the real value of mining profits and will not be affected by positive or negative trading price fluctuations.

When will payouts begin and how will they work?

周费用将在ETH支付给EVN代币持有者,尽管EVN希望将来能支持更多币种,可能还包括美元,如果社区要求用美元的话。从技术上来说,预计2018年1月可以开始支出。春季可以开始批量生产,1月份将只有很少量的MMU上线。要确定交易费用不超过支出或占支出很好比例,我们会自动根据交易费用设置最低支出。例如:如果您只有一些代币而您的支出是一美元,那么在支出时,交易费用也是一美元,我们不会为您做支出,而是将这笔费用计入下一支出期,确保您不用支付高比例交易费用。 只要数据挖掘有利可图,支出就会继续,不会过期。


您将需要一个兼容ERC20的钱包来存储您的EVN令牌。 我们推荐用户友好且易于使用的Chrome MetaMask插件,可以为您完成大部分的工作。

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Can I buy a Mobile Mining Unit?

Envion does not sell our Mobile Mining Units to individuals. We do have options for third-party co-operations for our industry customers.

If you are not an industry customer, then the best option for you is to participate in our ICO. Dividend payouts will begin almost immediately and you will profit from the entire envion MMU operation. https://www.envion.org/en/ico/

If you are an industry customer, then please send us an email to [email protected], subject: Purchase Request, with the following information so that we can direct your request to our sales team:

Type of electricity generation for your power plant
Indication of electricity prices at you location
Estimate of how many units you would like to purchase

How can I be sure this isn’t a scam?

Envion encourages everyone to do thorough research before investing. Our founding team has decades of experience in the German business community and all of their activities are public. Our token is fully compliant with regulations set by the SEC and Swiss financial regulators and outside auditors from one of the Big Four auditing firms will vet every aspect of the business, including prior to the ICO. You can even come to Berlin and see the mobile mining unit in operation for yourself.

How do you keep the MMUs secure?

Our mobile mining units have multiple layers of security to keep your investment safe.

The first layer of security is provided by virtue of their placement near power plants, which already offer a high degree of physical security.

The available security on site is one of the criteria that are taken into account when choosing an installation location.

The second layer will come from the maintenance and security staff hired to monitor the units deployed in large arrays at the first sites. For example, this might include an external security company that monitors a multi-unit array.

The third layer consists of standard physical barriers like barbed wire and our automated doorman system including heavy locks operated by our servers. This level includes motion sensors, etc. that all report directly to our cloud application.

This software is already running in our first generation of MMUs!

Last but not least, our mobile mining units are insured against theft, damage and natural disasters like floods, so even unavoidable natural catastrophes and adverse events will not threaten our operations.

Can I work for envion?

Thanks for your interest. You can check our website for opportunities.


Are your mining units bad for the environment?

Envion is solving a problem in the green energy industry that has a large impact on the environment: wasted capacity and high costs for renewable plant operators. Renewable energy providers like solar and wind plant owners sell energy below cost or pay to feed into the grid when there is too much capacity. We incentivize the construction of green energy power plants by rewarding plant operators for producing at full capacity. We also reduce the environmental impact of the energy-intensive infrastructure of the blockchain with a patent-pending cooling system that does not use air-conditioning.

Smart mining operations for smart investors.
Stay in touch and get your profit.

Smart mining operations for smart investors.
Stay in touch and get your profit.